The previous record run tests in rack-client

I want to use rack-client.
Because I make client application with Rack::MockRequest and Rack::MockResponse. If some client compatible on rack request and rack response, I use it and test my application easily.

Below is my way running tests for rack-client.

First clone from repository.

$ git clone git://

Recently I use MatzRuby-1.9.2-rc1 with rvm.

$ bundle install

I want to install dependancies. But it failed.
because ruby-debug is for ruby-1.8.
I manually install ruby-debug19 and linecache19

$ gem install ruby-debug19 linecache19

and edit Gemfile, run tests.

$ bundle exec rake spec

console showed ‘load error’. rack-client’s LOAD_PATH rule depended on ruby-1.8 way.

I am starting edit files, but I gave up fix files. Because I want to use rack-client for ree-1.8.5 environment.

So I change ruby interpreter to ree-1.8.6 with rvm. (I can not install ree-1.8.5 with rvm)

$ rvm ree-1.8.6
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rake spec

/home/sane/.rvm/gems/ree-1.8.6-20090610/gems/rack-1.2.1/lib/rack/utils.rb:138:in `union’: can’t convert Array into String (TypeError)
So I google below word.
“`union’: can’t convert Array into String (TypeError)”

I found it. rack version 1.2.1 cause this problem?
I set Gemfile rack version.

gem ‘rack’, “=1.2.0”

re bundle install and run test

$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rake spec

/home/sane/Documents/rack-client/lib/rack/client/handler/em-http.rb:1:in `require’: no such file to load — em-http (LoadError)

I found comment-out in Gemfile. So I delete comment-out and install em-http-request.

gem ‘em-http-request’, ‘~>0.2.7’

re bundle install and run test

$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rake spec

65 examples, 2 failures, 1 pending

2 examples failed, but I run testa COMPLETELY! GREAT!

2 faileres in Rack::Client::Handler::EmHttp.
‘Rack::Client::Handler::EmHttp GET request can handle a temporary redirect respo nse’ FAILED
expected: “/after-redirect”,
got: “http://localhost:8000/after-redirect” (using ==)
‘Rack::Client::Handler::EmHttp PUT request can send a request body’ FAILED expected: “/shelf/ctm”,
got: “http://localhost:8000/shelf/ctm” (using ==)


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