Fedora13 on Thinkpad x201s by liveusb

I finally completed installing Fedora13 on Thinkpad x201s. I bought x201s was five monthes ago!

This caused Bug 572799 – Install never appears on Lenovo x201 .
this bug fixed 2010-07-24, but I don’t know how to use it. Because I am linux beginner 😦

I confuse how to patch LiveDVD exactly.

x201s has no DVD drive, so I use USB-memory.I use liveusb-creator.
Making liveusb on architect between i386 and x86_64. I made it for x86_64 and Fedora13, based on i386 and Fedora12.

Booting from liveusb and push key at boot loader.
liveDVD’s kernel has xdriver bug.
select ‘boot’ and edit boot option. I add it’s tail to ‘xdriver=vesa 3’.
‘3’ is important. This takes me init level 3, this is text-mode.
After Boot level 3, I login on ‘liveuser’ and nopassword. And

$ su –

I became root user.

# yum –enablerepo=updates-testing update kernel

kernel bump up to kernel- .

After I restart machine, I can see GUI liveusb display! great!

I can install from USB to LocalDisk device too.

x201s hibernate does not work well, but it is little thing.

before try:
try to install fedora12 to thinkad x201s, but i can not do yet « 實松アウトプット




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