OCUnit does not work in command line with xcode4(to be continued)

My co-worker recommends using GHUnit. I think so, people whom posts I read say so. *SO* I use OCUnit firstly.

I generate project with OCUnit test code in xcode4. Directory format is below:
I feel strange that two directories appear HogeHoge and HogeHogeTests. Because xcode3’s scaffold code is very flatten. I think this is reasonable about separating two directories.

Then I can build and test on xcode4. command + B and command + U. I see first failed test. great!
After that, I try building on command line. I want to use ci tool(jenkins). I can build easy:
$ xcodebuild -target HogeHogeTests -configuration Debug -sdk iphonesimulator4.3 clean build
but after I’m confused. How can I test in command line?
I posted stackoverflow: iphone – How do I catch OCUnit’s test fail/success in command line? – Stack Overflow

To be continued.




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