CI Server for Android

The current application development, CI required. Also Android.
My CI experience stands for maybe lamp, centos5.x, 64bit. Android and iOS is against another environment. iOS requires mac. mac? This is another story. Android’s android.test can assert on simulator. Android simulator requires 32bit libraries. 32bit libs into 64bit is possible, but it is not right way. And simulator also requires glibc greater than v2.7. So totally, ubuntu 32bit or fedora 32bit machine requires.

The Other way:
I consider Ecosystem Hosting, but first I choice my own vps. I worry ssh access, switch user jenkins, access to scm repos, commit hook, and source control.

I choice fedora 32bit, because I familiar with redhat os. Below is my history.
fedora13 minimal -> fedora14 32bit jenkins env — Gist

Minimal install confuse me! Below is highlight.
99 man iptables
101 sudo yum list *man*
102 sudo yum install man-pages
110 sudo yum install man-db

Finally, I created 32bit jenkins environment. Jenkins, nginx and postfix.



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