Create App with MiddleMan, provided from heroku

I can make html website with MiddleMan easily. MiddleMan is rack application, so application can be provided from heroku.

But this is development way. Raw MiddleMan rack application does not fit with production environment. That is not MiddleMan’s purpose.

Once I make a web site, I want to put builded web site to heroku.

Blogging with jekyll, rack and heroku for free! |

I copy above one!

I compare Rack::TryStatic with middleman. On my MacbookAir. Run with chrome, firefox, eclipse, android simulator, skype, etc.


MiddleMan : Requests per second: 52.87 [#/sec] (mean)

Rack::TryStatic : Requests per second: 929.27 [#/sec] (mean)

I say agein, middleman’s rack adapter is development way. It’s not middleman’s purpose.

For deploying heroku only static files, this article is worth.



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