phpenv-each, phpenv plugin, phpall 2012 part2

You can use rbenv plugin completely on phpenv. This is follow entry of

Installation “phpenv each” command with CHH/phpenv

$ mkdir -p ~/.phpenv/plugins
$ cd ~/.phpenv/plugins
$ git clone

You can get help for the each command by passing the -h option.

$ phpenv each -h
Usage: rbenv each [-v] …
-v Verbose mode. Prints a header for each ruby.

You CAN see rbenv as phpenv, each ruby as each php! You have mind’s eye!

Verbose mode will print a header for each php so you can distinguish the output.


$ phpenv each -v phpunit
$ phpenv each -v php -r ‘var_dump(“0x1″==”1e0”);’
#=> This is almost phpall command!


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