Travis-ci alternative


Rubygems eco system depends on travis-ci too much. I said this, is not fair, because I don’t want to support this yet.

2013-12-25 Ruby 2.1.0リリース
2013-12-25 ruby-buildとrvmがsemverについてこれずドタバタ
2013-12-25 travisのrvmがすぐにはあげられず2.1.0指定しても2.1.0-preview2が使われてしまう そのまま数日
2013-12-27 bundler 1.5.0リリース
2013-12-28 bundler 1.5.1リリース
2013-12-28 ruby2.1.0, bundler1.5.0でtravis全体ロールアウト
あれ,うちのtravisコケるようになってなになに?? bundler1.5.x, rubygems2.2.0にバグ報告がだんだん出てくる(イマココ)

Time line(without timezone):
2013-12-25 Ruby 2.1.0 release
2013-12-25 ruby-build and rvm do not catch up with ruby’s new semver policy
2013-12-25 travis does not apply updated rvm immediately, because this needs whole roll out. 2.1.0 brings 2.1.0-preview2 in travis.
2013-12-27 bundler 1.5.0 release
2013-12-28 bundler 1.5.1 release
2013-12-28 travis update all systems with ruby2.1.0 and bundler1.5.0
NOW: many people notice now, my project broken? travis-ci problem? bundler?? rubygems??? (here now)


How do we become happy? Flexible attitude is better, I think. Too high expectation I have(I feel), while I don’t realised this.

Ruby 2.1.0 heyoooooooooo · e888781 · travis-ci/travis-rubies
Bundler::GemNotFound: Could not find with ruby 2.1.0 and bundler 1.5.0 · Issue #2780 · bundler/bundler
Fatal error: undefined method’ for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError) on Travis CI with Ruby 1.8.7 · Issue #2784 · bundler/bundler
Sort files after compacting them to avoid problem in Ruby 1.8.7 by floehopper · Pull Request #763 · rubygems/rubygems



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