firefoxのweb extensions

firefoxの新しい拡張フォーマット、web extensions。chromeやsafariのextensionと、かなり互換性あるらしいやつ。キーワードが思い出せなくてたまにググる。

November 3rd (Firefox 43 merges to Beta). The earliest release Electrolysis will be enabled by default on Beta. When Electrolysis is enabled by default we will begin blocklisting Electrolysis-incompatible add-ons that cause major performance and/or stability problems.
December 15th (Firefox 43 merges to release). The earliest release Electrolysis will be enabled on the release channel, and our current planned release.

laptopではほぼchromeだし、mobileはfirefox stable使ってるので。

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