solidity hello world in Bangkok DevMorning no.10

I attended Bankok DevMorning #10. BKK DevMorning

I tried to run a solidity example in my local environment.

Final version

remix-ide (web based repl) on local machine

$ git clone
$ cd remix-ide
$ git checkout gh-pages
$ rackup -b "run'.')" -p 9494
$ open http://localhost:9494/index.html

code snippet

I read this and copy and paste 🙂
Hello world on solidity Ethereum – Wagner Nicolas – Medium

pragma solidity ^0.4.11;
contract helloWorld {
  function renderHelloWorld () public pure returns (string) {
    return 'helloooooooWorld';

how to run

Move to compile tab, Start to compiler. Then move to Run tab. After compile, you can use “hello world”. I chose “hello world” and selected “create”. Then I chose “render hello world”. I can see this in the browser console!

[call] from:0xca35b7d915458ef540ade6068dfe2f44e8fa733c, to:helloWorld.renderHelloWorld(), data:942ae...ae0a7, return: 
    "0": "string: helloooooooWorld"


Reduce warning from

I added method visibility public and pure word, according to warn.


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