“Debugging Teams”

Debugging Teams – O’Reilly Media is the 2nd version of “Team Geek.” They said “HRT” Humility, Respect, and Trust are the essential things to the team again and again.

Sometimes I think I’m superior to other members. This behavior is the lack of humility. Our teammates don’t have the experience, so sometimes they misunderstand the result. Of course, this is not why they are stupid. They don’t have enough information in most cases. I usually got frustrated, but this is my failure.

I need to share the information more to team members. I need to create a system that improves sharing information. I usually do this, but I have to do more.

I read this from Aug 1 to Sep 30 :sweat: about 2 months. I may read this in 2-3 hours in Japanese :sweat:



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