1st semester 2021 (Fall 2021) at the University of London

I’ve finished 1st semester 2021 (Fall 2021) at the University of London, BSc Computer Science.

I finished my final exam for Discrete Mathematics (DM), and I submitted my final work for Introduction to Programming I (ITP1).


My conclusion:

  • I expected the uni too much.
  • I will continue for several semesters here in UoL.
  • I need to improve my English, mathematics, data structure, and algorithm.
  • Then if I keep my motivation, I will jump to MS in Computer Science without completing UoL.


  • It’s my first time finishing my semester. I failed it a lot of times on edx, coursera, etc.
  • I had a negative feeling about my mathematics, but I can finish DM.
  • I learned about an online university.
  • Some of the students discussed advanced degrees on slack. It’s very helpful.
  • Some students (or TA?) gave me a good suggestion when I got struggling.


  • Too slow response for the messages. I didn’t have that yet, but many students complained about it on slack.
  • PBA students need to get 80% or above on DM and ITP1 on a mid-term exam for continuing courses. I had a mid-term exam in mid-Jan. Unfortunately, I haven’t received the result yet on Mar 13. The deadline for application for the spring semester will be on Mar 20. Hahahaha. They will extend the deadline.
  • Too slow response for transcripts. I knew it on slack.
    They don’t want to give online students a letter of recommendation. (So, how do we join MS?)
  • The quality of materials depends on the lecturer.
  • There were a lot of typos on the final exam, and they didn’t have any response.
  • They don’t have enough motivation for online students.



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